Paint Touch Stick

  • Ideal for touching up contact points/damages
  • Color accurate due to the addition of powder coating
  • Fast drying and weather resistant
  • Remains usable for several months with added powder
  • Dust dry after 20 minutes
  • Touch resistant after 60 minutes
  • Fully cured after 24 hours

Product description

An individually colored paint pen is created in just a few steps. To do this, simply fill the pen with the desired powder coating.


1. Lightly abrade substrate before application and ensure surface is clean and dry, free of dirt/dust/oil etc.
2. Unscrew the plastic cap and wipe off the solution from the brush stem before removing completely.
3. Fill the cap to the brim with powder and then tip it into the cartridge.
4. Shake the powder in the solution vigorously for 2 minutes to ensure it has blended properly and there are no lumps.
5. Brush paint onto the substrate.

Part Number Beschreibung/
Bag Qty / Roll
PTS-1 Standard, 8 ml 1
PTS-2 Texture, 8 ml 1